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Five-Star Quality Rated by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for two years running!

Meet Dr. Marla Kelly, our new OB-GYN!

Newly Designed Infusion Center

Beauregard Health System's Infusion Center is newly designed to provide the highest quality of care and comfort to our patients. The Infusion Center offers IV medication, infusions, and injections to outpatients in a comfortable and relaxing environment, and serves as an outstanding alternative to the standard hospital setting for receiving infusion therapy ordered by a physician.

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Here's Ray Yamuta's I am Beauregard nomination: "It's well known that Humana Medicare denies a high percentage of inpatient acute rehab referrals. We had a patient who not only needed this exact service, he had already been denied this service a few weeks prior. Everyone agreed that he really needed it, so I explained to Ray what Humana Medicare requires. Not only did Ray eagerly listen and assist with special documentation, but he did so well that Humana Medicare was compelled to approve, and the acute inpatient corporate office sent out his wording (excluding patient information) to all their facilities! - Rhonda Bardales