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Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

What is our calling? Why do we exist?
To improve the health and well-being of the people of Beauregard Parish and our surrounding communities.

Our Statement

Where are we going? What do we want to be? What will be our service?
To be the premier provider of health and wellness services in our community and to be the primary connector to healthcare solutions wherever individual and families are best served.

Shared Core Values

What really counts? What won't we compromise? What do we care about most?


The privilege of reaching out to meet the needs of others.

Reverence and Love for All of Life

Acknowledging that all of life is a gift from God.

Choosing Our Attitude

An awareness of our individual ownership of creating and maintaining a positive "can do" approach to our actions and activities.

Being There

Striving for equity and fairness in all relationships with special concern for those most in need and by treating each individual with personal service and respect.

Making Their Day

Making a commitment to Warm Welcomes, Magic Moments and Fond Farewells with each patient and guest encounter.

Joyfulness of Spirit and Having Fun

Recognizing that each day of service is a blessing and that our work is both a calling and a ministry and that our service and commitment to others and to one another is a joyful experience.