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Five-Star Quality Rated by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for two years running!


Medical-surgical nursing is the foundation of all nursing practices at Beauregard Health System. Medical-surgical nurses are the largest group of practicing professionals, and it is one of the most demanding nursing specialties. It is a stimulating and challenging career that is not for the faint-hearted.

Beauregard Health System med-surg nurses have a vast set of skills and are knowledgeable in many aspects of health, with excellent assessment, technical, organizational and prioritization skills. While expertise and well-defined skills are essential, it is only part of the nursing role here at Beauregard Health System. Our nurses are an elite group of individuals who are dedicated to the mission, providing quality care with compassion and integrity.

Discharge Planning and Social Services

When you are admitted to the hospital, the discharge planning team begins coordinating your discharge care. Social service assistance that may be provided includes arranging transportation home, securing medical equipment, helping with long-term care—including nursing home placement—and referral to other agencies. The hospital is a partner with Beauregard Home Health.

A Glimpse into Our Compassion

"We are not working on someone's automobile or mere possession. This is their body, their life! What a tremendous responsibility! I love to help/care for people. Seeing the patient’s condition in which they presented to the hospital transform, improve, recover, resolve, and then going home just makes you feel good inside, knowing you were part of the team that directly affected that outcome."
–Keith Cooley, RN

"My grandmother was a nurse when I was a small child. I listened to her daily talk about helping 'sick' people. That was my inspiration to become a nurse!"
–Randa Smith, RN, BSN, Director of Inpatient Services