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CEO Message

We are very honored to have you as our guest. As stewards of our calling to serve, each member of the Beauregard Health System (BHS) team stands ready to care for you and your loved ones in the 68-year tradition of BHS's healing mission.

We are dedicated to providing world-class, mission-driven healthcare as we embrace the fast-paced changes in the medical field. BHS continues to offer healthcare services worthy of our healing mission and of our commitment to personal and organization excellence. The BHS team is committed to a positive, can-do attitude, always mindful of being there for you and doing our best to make each care moment one of lasting impact.

If you have questions, needs or concerns or would like to find out about our many services, I personally invite you to contact our Public Relations Office at extension 7418 (from inside the hospital). We promise you our best efforts—every moment of the day.

—William F. "Bud" Barrow, Chief Executive Officer