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Smart Helmet Sensor Technology

Through its partnership with Lake Charles Memorial Health System, Beauregard Health System and Lake Charles Memorial Health System's Foundation have made it possible for every varsity football athlete at DeRidder High School and Rosepine High School to take advantage of Riddell's InSite Training Tool, the leading impact monitoring system in football. The technology is designed to alert coaches of high risk point-of-impact, number of hits, potential concussions and their severity. Riddell's InSite Training Tool is the latest innovation in head impact monitoring technology, designed for use by youth, high school and college football programs.

Riddell's InSite Training Tool is a smart football helmet platform, backed by millions of on-field impacts since 2003, and is designed for smarter practice, smarter play and for coaches in pursuit of both. Riddell InSite alerts coaches on the sideline with information on significant single and multiple impacts sustained in a practice or game. The web-based data center also collects and analyzes an impact profile for each player, to proactively influence player behavior by identifying training opportunities that may decrease head impact exposure. Each varsity football player who takes the field for DeRidder and Rosepine High Schools will wear a Riddell helmet equipped with InSite. A total of 70 InSite player units were purchased and donated. Through this initiative, Beauregard Health System and Lake Charles Memorial Health System strive to proactively protect athletes and their futures.

About Beauregard Health System and Lake Charles Memorial Health System:

Beauregard Health System and Lake Charles Memorial Health System are true community, full-service health systems, both run by their own board of local volunteers from all walks of business, industry and public service. Both not-for-profit health systems belong to the people of the communities they serve, and treat everyone regardless of age, race, gender or financial status. The Systems entered into a clinical affiliation last year that created a partnership that focuses on producing high quality, coordinated care to the residents of Southwest Louisiana.