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Limited Visitation Policy

Beginning Friday, July 10th, due to the recent spike in positive COVID-19 cases in our community, Beauregard Health System will begin a revised limited visitation policy, in order to provide the safest environment possible. The policy will be monitored daily and revised when appropriate.

Limited Visitation Policy:

  • The Health System will allow one designated family member/visitor per patient, for Pediatric, Labor and Delivery, Hospice patients, and patients with mental or physical disabilities ONLY, in a 24-hour calendar day, provided that person meets all screening requirements. The designated visitor will not be allowed to leave the building once admitted for the day. If the designated visitor leaves for any reason, re-entry will not be allowed for that day. The Health System will restrict all other patient visitors to zero, with the exception of end of life care.
  • Visitors for patients at end-of-life will be determined by the medical/nursing staff.
  • Visitors not in the building by 7:00pm will not be allowed entrance.
  • The Health System strongly encourages no visitation at all if possible. Please consider the use of phone calls, face time, and the health system’s web-based video conferencing patient engagement platform to replace face-to-face visitation.
  • The Health System entrance is currently through the Emergency Department (24/7), accessible via Stewart Street, until further notice.

Patients are required to wear a mask or cloth face covering whenever in public spaces of our facilities and will be screened upon arrival.

  • Oncology patients will use the Blue Entrance by the Physician Parking Lot, and screening will be performed by the SDS RNs.