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What is BHS doing to prepare for a potential outbreak of COVID-19?

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Our Incident Command Team plans for all levels of both anticipated and unanticipated events year-round. We are committed to preparedness and will continue to do the following:

  • The Health System is dedicated to real time monitoring of the CDC website (gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov) to ensure all new information is available to staff.
  • The Health System’s Incident Command and Clinical Teams hold regular meetings to ensure preparedness, following daily advisement of the CDC.
  • The Health System holds daily safety huddles to ensure appropriate communication across all departments.
  • The Health System increased supplies of critical items and established conservation measures to ensure appropriate PPE level availability.
  • The Health System prepared a contingency budget in anticipation of a local outbreak and/or pandemic.
  • The Health System asks patients about recent travel activity upon entry at the ED or admissions/registration where patients come in initial contact with staff.
  • The Health System established environmental controls in the ER waiting room that will separate patients who present with respiratory symptoms from those who do not.
  • The Health System is providing refresher training to clinical staff on PPE and donning and doffing (putting on and taking off) of gowns, gloves and facemasks (PAPRs).
  • The Health System established additional cleaning protocols and purchased additional equipment to track germs.
  • The Health System is suspending public cafeteria service, effective March 16th, until further notice.
  • The Health System fitness center will be closed starting March 16th, until further notice.
  • The Health System gift shop will be closed starting March 16th, until further notice.

Updated 3-10-2020