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BMH is Offering the Explode Speed and Agility Program

Hospital news | Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Beauregard Memorial Hospital (BMH) is offering the Explode Speed and Agility Program this summer designed for male and female high school student-athletes. This performance enhancement program is led by credentialed fitness and sports medicine professionals including BMH’s Certified Athletic Trainer who serves DeRidder and Rosepine High School student-athletes.


  • Focuses on improving quickness and speed for athletes in team sports.
  • Explosive exercises will increase athletes’ acceleration and strength.
  • Improve sprinting from through frame by frame video analysis and sprinting mechanics drills.
  • Collegiate Division I style assessments to measure athletic performance and progress.
  • Perfect for those who have been injured and wish to return to pre-injury speed and aglity.
  • Instruction and critique on landing mechanics will improve neuromuscular control and help prevent ACL knee injuries.
  • Ideal for both student-athletes who are entering the offseason or preparing for fall preseason.
  • Coaching on proper lifting and exercise technique.
  • Accommodates varying levels of physical abilities.
  • Sports nutrition guidance to maximize benefits from workouts.

Sessions will held for three times a week at DeRidder High School for six weeks starting June 13th at 7 am and 8:30 am. More sessions will be added based on interest. Cost is ten dollars and covers all 18 session.

Sign up is required. For more information or to sign up, find the BMH Fitness Center on Facebook, call 337.462.7426, or email