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BMH Hosts Active Shooter Table Top Exercise

Hospital news | Friday, December 1, 2017

Given the terrible tragedies that we have all witnessed in Las Vegas, Lafayette, Sandy Hook, and more, the Board and management at Beauregard Memorial Hospital have re-evaluated how the hospital and its many clinics can be better prepared should such an event occur, and recently hosted an active shooter table top exercise to provide leadership training and evaluate currently policy. The City Policy Department as well as Acadian Ambulance were in attendance to offer input and support. Throughout the exercise, the team viewed a number of videos and walked through an active shooter scenario at Beauregard Memorial Hospital discussing in detail responses, training, and policy. The meeting concluded with next steps to establish an active shooter subcommittee, develop work place violence education, and conduct a threat assessment in coordination with the Deridder Police Department. “Patient and staff safety are of the upmost importance at Beauregard Memorial Hospital,” said Bud Barrow, CEO. “I would like to thank the City of DeRidder Police Department and Acadian Ambulance for joining us in this exercise. We must be diligent and stay prepared for situations where there could be a threat of harm,” concluded Barrow.