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Bioscape Digital's Communicator Platform

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Communicator platform enables patients to seamlessly video conference with providers and loved ones when they need it most

Imagine a sick patient in critical care, who can’t see their loved ones because of visitor restrictions during COVID-19. Hospital staff are adjusting to new rounding workflows during the health crisis. Communication with providers and family is limited at a time when this patient needs it the most.

Beauregard Health System is proud to offer a digital communication resource to both its providers and patients. Not only does this platform reduce staff risk during a health crisis and prevent PPE shortages, but it enhances our patients’ experience and satisfaction. Beauregard’s team is committed to being a leader in the digital healthcare landscape. “The Bioscape Communicator Platform is terrific,” said Bud Barrow, President and CEO of Beauregard Health System. “It puts BHS at the forefront of virtual communication for patients, family members and providers. While COVID-19 has led to in-house visitation restrictions, I can think of no better time to have the capability to provide virtual visits at the bedside for patients and their family members, as well as reduce risk for our staff,” Barrow concluded.

Bioscape Digital is honored to partner with Beauregard as it continues to equip and prepare clients for the digital healthcare world. Founder and CEO Stuart Bracken explains, “While developed in response to COVID, the Communicator technology prepares our health system partners to operate in an increasingly digital world. Our mission is to empower patients to engage in their health and foster communication across all stakeholders in the healthcare system.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bioscape Digital developed a new feature on its Patient Engagement Platform, Communicator. Now, patients at Beauregard Health System can communicate with providers, staff, family and friends at the touch of a button on their Bioscape bedside tablet. Communicator does not require a username or password; instead the system creates a secure, video conference link that can be used internally within the hospital or shared externally with loved ones. The platform is system agnostic, so in addition to the Communicator system, patients have access to platforms like Amwell Telemedicine, Zoom, and Skype. Communicator provides video, audio, and non-verbal communication tools at each Beauregard bedside.

About Beauregard Health System

As Beauregard Health System has maintained its mission to improve the health and well-being of the people in Beauregard Parish and surrounding communities, the Health System has also evolved and strives to be the premier gateway of health and wellness services in the community, as well as the primary connector to healthcare solutions wherever individuals and families are best served.

About Bioscape Digital
Founded in 2012, Bioscape Digital is a patient engagement service enabler that enhances communication across health systems utilizing tablet based technology. With Bioscape, patients are empowered to engage in their health, providers are enabled to practice medicine more effectively and health systems are elevated to the next level in quality of care.

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