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Beauregard Health System Participates in Cleco Power Wise

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Cleco Power Wise, the utility’s energy efficiency program, awarded a check to Beauregard Health System in the amount of $28,255 for completing the second phase of a lighting project that will save the hospital a total of 500,239 kWh in electricity. In total, Beauregard Health has received $50,023.90 in incentives for participation in the program.

Phase 1 of the project began last year and included a lighting upgrade to the exterior of the building and to the first floor. Phase 2 consisted of lighting upgrades to the stairwells and second and third floors of the hospital. Between the two phases of work, Beauregard will save enough electricity to power approximately 34 homes using an average amount of electricity for a year.

“We are pleased to complete Phase 2 of this energy savings project for Beauregard Health System,” said Hammad Chaudhry. “For many years, Cleco has been a part of DeRidder. We want to play an even bigger role in helping our businesses sustain their operations, keeping jobs in the area. By working to help businesses reduce their electricity use, we are taking an additional step in supporting our communities and our businesses.”

Cleco’s Power Wise program also offers a program to residential customers. By providing programs that weatherize homes, install ceiling insulation and provide rebates for smart thermostats, as well as pool pumps and HVAC units, Cleco is providing solutions for homeowners to reduce their energy use.