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Beauregard Health System Goes LIVE with MEDITECH’s Web-Based Expanse Electronic Health Record

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Beauregard Health System is proud to announce that the organization is now LIVE with Expanse, MEDITECH’s interoperable web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR). Expanse will provide Beauregard Health System with a single EHR that seamlessly connects patient records across all care facilities, giving clinicians a complete view of a patient’s healthcare journey. “Physicians at Beauregard Health System can use mobile devices to view patient records, place orders, and document care at any time — whether they are in the office, rounding on the floor, or checking their schedule from home,” said Meg Jackson, Director of Information Technology at Beauregard Health System.

Expanse’s web-based navigation supports collaborative patient care by presenting each member of a patient’s care team with real-time information, personalized to their unique workflows. “Expanse reaches across the care continuum and pulls in all the data clinicians need to see the big picture and treat the whole patient,” commented Dr. Steven Farquhar, Internist at BHS. “Inherent clinical decision support ensures patient safety, improves outcomes, and helps clinicians react quickly to fluctuations in a patient’s conditions,” Farquhar concluded.

Additional benefits that Expanse brings to Beauregard Health System include:

  • Expanse improves care coordination with the “one patient, once record” approach across all care settings, to support informed decisions.
  • Expanse's convenient mobile solutions keep patients and their families at the center of care, by improving access to information and strengthening partnerships with providers.
  • A shared EHR across care settings ensures smooth handoffs as patients pass between care venues.
  • Expanse empowers providers to detect subtle changes in a patient's condition, and take action before issues become harder to manage.
  • Expanse includes embedded evidence-based toolkits to help prevent, detect, or manage conditions like infections, diabetes, hypertension, or fall risks.
  • Expanse ensures patient safety, with real-time notifications alerting all care team members of potential conflicts or interactions before proceeding with an order, administering a medication, or performing an intervention.
  • One medication record, one allergy record, and one EHR across all care settings supports informed decisions.
  • The patient health portal, myBeauregard (, provides patients with secure, convenient access to their health information and their providers via desktop or mobile devices.
  • Virtual visits provide patients with a convenient means of connecting with their own physicians, especially in situations when a patient’s work, transportation insecurity, or mobility hampers them from visiting the practice, or when such visits are deemed unsafe, like during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The implementation process has been lengthy and labor intensive, but the end result will benefit us all through enhanced patient safety, a better patient experience, a unified record for medical staff and staff efficiency across the health system,” said Traci Thibodeaux, Chief Executive Officer at BHS. “Improving the patient experience is all about putting the patient at the center of care, with technology that is safe, interactive, and easy to use. At Beauregard Health System we are dedicated to providing this for our community,” Thibodeaux concluded.