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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

For Immediate Release

Contact: Sylvia Smith

Infant care is one of the most critical aspects of healthcare, as newborns are vulnerable and require extra attention to ensure optimal health. Drager Baby Warmers are designed to provide warmth and comfort to infants, enhancing their physical and emotional well-being. The heat regulation system allows the babies to maintain optimal temperatures, reducing the risk of cold stress and ensuring they are healthy and happy.

“The Drager Baby Warmers are equipped with intuitive controls and display screens that nurses can easily use,” said Haley Feazell, Director of Maternal Child Services at BHS. The display screens provide essential information to the nursing staff, such as the baby's temperature, integrative X-Ray capabilities, respiration, and pulse rates, making it easier to assess their needs and provide appropriate care.

The innovative features of the Drager Baby Warmers enhance the infants' health and increase the nursing staff's efficiency. The warmers reduce the time spent manually monitoring and regulating the infants' temperatures, allowing nurses to focus on other critical care aspects. The nursing staff can also adjust the heat levels remotely, making attending to multiple infants easier and saving time.

“We are very grateful that the Foundation purchased these warmers sooner rather than later.” Feazell continued, “The old warmers are inefficient and extremely outdated. We can use the warmers immediately and transfer them to our new Women’s Center once the third-floor renovations are complete.”

“The Foundation is delighted to have the opportunity to purchase the warmers for the Health System,” said Glenda Dean, Foundation Chair. “We look forward to making many more purchases that will enhance and support the health systems capital projects, which currently consist of the construction of a new Emergency Department and the renovation of the third floor for a new Women’s Center,” Dean concluded.