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Area Students Participate in "AHEC of a Summer" Health

Community news | Tuesday, July 5, 2016

High school students across Southwest Louisiana participated in the "AHEC of a Summer" Health Careers Volunteer Program.” Beauregard Memorial Hospital teamed up with Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center (SWLAHEC) to provide students who are interested in a career in a health profession a unique opportunity to experience various health careers in an up close and personal way. Students who participated in the program shadowed different healthcare professionals over a two week period during the summer. They were instructed by a certified teacher in health career education and earned ½ elective high school credit for their participation.

The goal of the “AHEC of a Summer” program was to provide opportunities for high school students to work in a health care environment and to expose high school students to career opportunities in health care, to provide high school students with positive health care role models, and to educate high school students about skills and requirements necessary for pursuing a health care profession.

The "AHEC of a Summer" program has grown to include school systems and healthcare facilities throughout Louisiana and in other states. The program continues to be expanded and enhanced each year.

Pictured are the students who participated in the 2016 AHEC Program at Beauregard Memorial Hospital. Left to Right: Chelsea Bullitt, Shayla Miller, Zack Pursley, Collin Kibler, Kailey Bailey, Kaitlyn Houser, Lakeitha Hopkin, Sydney Missner, Saleen Morvant , Dioviana Jenkins. Bottom Left to Right: Tara Jackson, Savanna Scott, Shania Sanchez.